Parental Alienation Awareness Day is 12th October #PAADay


Parental Alienation Resources

Parental Alienation is emotional and psychological abuse.

"Emotional abuse does not leave physical injuries and its ongoing nature usually means there is no crisis which would precipitate its identification by the health, welfare or criminal justice systems."

~ Oates (1996)

To learn more about about what parental alienation is, visit our PARENTAL ALIENATION page.

Academic Articles


Academic articles on parental alienation and related information.

Parental Alienation Books


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Fact Sheets


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Young People

Alienated Children

Sometimes  when parents decide not to live together anymore, children can get caught up in taking a side. They can feel pressured by a parent or by others to choose between parents.


Targeted Parents

Resources for parents. Self-care tips. How to communicate and reunite.


Professional Parental Alienation

Resources for mental health, law professionals and social workers.