About Us

Our VISION is:

  • For children to be free to love and spend time with both parents
  • For children to be free from child abuse and family violence including being manipulated by one parent to unjustifiably reject the other parent (a phenomenon currently referred to as parental alienation) [1]

Our MISSION is to:

  • Reduce the prevalence and impact of parental alienation and its consequences in the Australian community
  • Develop promotion strategies to increase community awareness and understanding of parental alienation
  • Develop prevention strategies to reduce the prevalence of parental alienation
  • Provide information and resources about parental alienation to alienated children, alienated parents and service providers


  • Serve our mission with empathy, respect, integrity and courage with the best interest of children at the centre of our work
  • Work collectively with other organisations, service providers and families affected by parental alienation to achieve our mission
  • Act professionally and responsibly at all times with the families and service providers who access our resources and services
  • Create gender sensitive and inclusive resources and support for all children, men and women.


[1] Parental alienation is the outcome of emotional manipulation and abuse where a child’s rejection of a parent is unjustifiable. Parental alienation is not the same as estrangement where a parent acts to protect their child from the other parent who is abusive.

Our Board


Amanda Sillars

(CEO and Founding Director)

 Amanda Sillars is the founding director and CEO of the Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation (EMMM). She has generational real-life experience in parental alienation both as a child and as a parent. Since 2014 Amanda has been working as a volunteer to help alienated families cope through parental separation and to teach families how to reunite. Amanda through EMMM now collaborates with the University of Tasmania in research on the affects of parental alienation and as well presents workshops for alienated families. Amanda is now studying psychology at Griffith University after a long career in accounting in small business. 


Dr. Mandy Matthewson Ph.D. BA (hons)


Dr Matthewson is a clinical psychologist and senior lecturer. She currently works in private practice as a senior clinical psychologist. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in teaching a variety of core and applied areas of psychology.

Dr Matthewson's specific areas of teaching interest are in psychological assessment, developmental psychology and counselling and professional practice skills, with an interest in technology enhanced learning and experiential learning.


Louis van Aardt


Louis van Aardt, Managing Principal of LVA Legal, is a respected barrister and solicitor in Western Australia with over 15 years of experience in advising clients on corporate and commercial law. Louis is regularly sought after to advise on all things to do with businesses, shares and  assets.

Louis has worked as a lawyer in London, New York, California and Western Australia.


Fiona Blane


For a number of years Fiona Blane has been running support groups for women who have left domestic violence situations, many of those women have become alienated from their children after separation.

Fiona now facilitates gender inclusive support groups in Sydney for those who have found themselves alienated from their children.

Fiona helps parents cope with parental alienation as well as how to communicate and reunite with their children.


Eli Bernstein


      Eli Bernstein is a Perth-based entrepreneur, strategic consultant  and blockchain advisor. He has contributed to startups, change and  innovation and has also advised on energy policy.       

Eli is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has a JD and MBA from the university of WA.       

Eli is most interested in the intersection of finance, technology, and the law.  As part of his law studies, Eli researched the application of technology to family law dispute resolution.

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