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Parental Alienating Behaviors:

An Unacknowledged Form of Family Violence

Jennifer J. Harman, Edward Kruk and Denise A. Hines (2018)

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Characteristics and experiences of targeted parents of parental alienation

from their own perspective: A systematic literature review

Sau-lyn Maturana, Mandy Matthewson, Corinna Dwan and Kimberley Norris (2018)

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Reclaiming Parent–Child Relationships:

Outcomes of Family Bridges with Alienated Children

Richard A. Warshak (2018)

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The Forgotten Parent: The Targeted Parent Perspective of Parental Alienation

Clare Poustie, Mandy Matthewson and Sian Balmer (2018)

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Parental alienation: Targeted parent perspective

Sian Balmer, Mandy Matthewson, and Janet Haines (2017)

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Adult report of childhood exposure to parental alienation at different developmental time periods

Maria Christina Verrocchio, Amy J. L. Baker and Daniela Marchettic (2017)

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An Objective Measure of Splitting in Parental Alienation:

The Parental Acceptance–Rejection Questionnaire

William Bernet, Nilgun Gregory, Kathleen M. Reay and Ronald P. Rohner (2017)

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Recommendations for best practice in response to Parental Alienation:

Findings from a systematic review

Kate Templer, Mandy Matthewson, Janet Haines and Georgina Cox (2016)

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Child Affected by Parental Relationship Distress (DSM)

Bernet W, Wamboldt MZ, Narrow WE. (2016)

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Prevalence of Parental Alienation Drawn from Representative Poll

Jennifer J Harmon, Sadie Leder-Elder, Zeynep Biringen (2016)

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Yes, children are susceptible to manipulation: Commentary on article by Clemente and Padilla-Racero

William Bernet, Maria Cristina Verrocchio, Stanley Korosi (2015)

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Ten Parental Alienation Fallacies That Compromise Decisions in Court and in Therapy

Richard A. Warshak (2015)

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The Long-Term Correlates of Childhood Exposure to Parental Alienation

on Adult Self-Sufficiency and Well-Being

Naomi Ben-Ami , Amy JL Baker (2012)

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To Turn a Child Against a Parent Is To Turn a Child Against Himself:

The Direct and Indirect Effects of Exposure to Parental Alienation Strategies on Self-Esteem and Well-Being

Naomi Ben-Ami , Amy JL Baker (2011)

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Parental Alienation Among College Students

Aaron J. Hands and Richard A Warshak (2011)

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Parental Alienation, DSM-V, and ICD-11

William Bernet, Wilfrid von Boch-Galhau, Amy JL Baker, Stephen L Morrison (2010)

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New approaches to divorce with children: A problem of public health

Vittorio Carlo Vezzetti (2016)

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How Suggestible Are Preschool Children?

Cognitive and Social Factors

Stephen J. Ceci and Mary Lyn Crotteau Huffman (1997)

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Assessing the accuracy of young children's reports:

Lessons from the investigation of Child Sexual Abuse

Debra A. Poole and D. Stephen Lindsay (1998)

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Practice Parameters for the Forensic Evaluation of Children and Adolescents

Who May Have Been Physically or Sexually Abuse
William Bernet (1997)

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Forensic Child Sexual Abuse Evaluations

Accuracy, Ethics and Admissibility

Steve Herman (2009)

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Sexual Abuse Validity Discriminators in the Divorced or Divorcing Family

Karol L. Ross and Gordon J. Blush (1990)

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Stemming the Tide of Misinformation: International Consensus on Shared Parenting and Overnighting

Richard A. Warshak (2017)

PDF Download from American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

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Preschool children living in joint physical custody arrangements

show less psychological symptoms than those living mostly or only with one parent

Malin Bergström, Emma Fransson, Helena Fabian, Anders Hjern, Anna Sarkadi, Raziye Salari (2017)

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Children's eyewitness reports after exposure to misinformation from parents.

This study examined how misleading suggestions from parents influenced children's eyewitness reports.

Deborah Ann Poole, D.Stephen Lindsay (2001)

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The effects of stereotypes and suggestions on preschoolers' reports

AKA "The Sam Stone Study"

By Michelle D. Leichtman and Stephen J. Ceci (1995)

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Custody Disputes Involving Allegations of Domestic Violence:

Toward a Differentiated Approach to Parenting Plans

Peter G Jaffe, Janet R Johnston, Claire V Crooks, Nicholas Bala (2008)

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